Foxy Huntress, Line of Clothes for Woman (More Choices in Hunting Attire)

Foxy Huntress, was started in 2005 in Dallas/Fort Worth. Owner and designer Shelah Zmigrosky, Shelah has pioneered the first line of Women’s Hunting Clothing and Safari Attire to offer a full line of options for the outdoor woman. As more ladies begin to find love for shooting sports, hunting, archery and fishing, Foxy Huntress plans on addressing the needs of those ladies when it come to quality, comfortable clothing and accessories made for a woman by a woman.

2010 has opened up so many great avenues for Foxy Huntress®, as Shelah’s new spring line launches with a burst of variety in double padded women’s shooting shirts, ladies shooting vests, women’s jackets, jumpsuits, heavy coats and a full line of accessories accompanies by her NEW womens designer concealed handgun bag that launched this year; you are sure to enjoy every moment of empowerment in women’s sports along the way.

Safari Attire and Hunting Clothing for Women are limited to a few choices. Foxy Huntress aspires to be the go to place for women looking for quality fit; fashion and comfort for camo hunt gear, women’s hunting clothing and safari clothes. We look forward to hearing your stories shared through our blog, see you featured in our customer of the quarter highlight and definitely cannot wait to meet you in person at one of our events! We promise to always provide you with originality, quality and comfort and look forward to hearing your suggestions and comments about what you as a huntress want and need to succeed in the field here at home in the states or abroad.

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